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Movie Review:Breaking Dawn Part 2 It’s finally over the twilight movies have finally come to an end! No longer will you have to be dragged into watching anymore twilight series and for that we must thank the author for not writing anymore books maybe she even knew this torture must be stopped. Okay so in the twilight saga; Breaking Dawn part two as if the first part didn't absolutely blow they decided to extend the torture a little more by splitting the last book into two separate parts. In this movie Bella was now a vampire after having her half human and half vampire daughter named ()who had a creepy CGI face for the beginning of the movie. Luckily her daughter grew in a freakishly fast pace so they evently put a real child so the face didn't look creepy for long. Which leads to the Volturi to believe that Bella and Edward created an immortal child and that is very forbidden in the rules of vampires and now they will come to kill the entire Cullen family. Which led Bella and Edward to look at each other with that constipated look they always give each other in each movie.After their long intimate stare they decided to build a force together and stop the Volturi from bloody murdering them all which personally kind of sounded bad ass to me. The acting is still revolting as always and there are so many characters you don't really care…show more content…
I always had to use my imagination in the movies on how vampires actually die thinking maybe they rip their limbs off or rip their heads off or something like that, but they actually just pop each others heads off like corks and I was like oh shit cool I guess. Thank god they figured out that they can't just have all the vampires get together and talk things out and that they actually needed a fight scene for every person who gets dragged into watching this movie can somewhat attempt to enjoy

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