Anchee Min's Red Azalea

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Red Azalea is the story of a girl named Anchee Min. When Anchee Min was young she loved the operas of Madame Mao and learned the teachings of Mao. Anchee Min was born in Shanghai. She was a member of the Little Red Guards. The Little Red Guards was a school group. Anchee Min was very educated, she was very good at reading and writing. Since she was so good at reading and writing she was picked for a very difficult task. She had to go against what she believed, and to prove that Autumn Leaves was an American spy. She finally decided to do it and yelled at Autumn Leaves, going with it even though she knew she was doing wrong, but Min did not like the fact that Autumn Leaves was going against Mao. When Anchee Min turns seventeen she…show more content…
The population in China is starting grow extremely fast and many new inventions such as “The Space Flight Medical Research Centre.” Also there is a Cultural Revolution taking place at the time of the book. The story is written however in 1984-1992. Which was the first eight years that Min spent in America. US was very strong in the 80s, there was new music, cable televisions were a “must have”, with the VCR you could record shows, laptops showed a huge change in the American environment, and Ronald Reagan was in office. The history effects what happened in the book because communism was such a huge role in China when Min was in the Red Fire Farms. Also when she wrote the book she was in US, which was very strong as well, but she had freedom in America. Anchee Min may have exaggerated about her life in China because how good she had it in America. Anchee Min was a very strong young lady. She was very smart and worked her tail off. She gave 100% at everything she did and worked very hard to try to be like Yan. A huge flaw that Anchee Min had was her hunger for love, so she used what she had to get rid of that hunger for love, another women. The author is the main character so there is some author bias because it is her own

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