Langston Hughes Diction

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Langston Hughes is a skillful writer who creates intelligent writings, such as poems and short stories. The poem “As I Grew Older” has much significance by being able to relate his words to the readers. He successfully attracts different audiences to his poem by using diction, syntax, and imagery. By Hughes use of diction, it helped him illustrate the meaning of his poem. One way he did this was by being careful with the words he chose, such as using the words whirling and smash. Hughes was intelligent due to the fact that the words he used were unique. Likewise, the words he chose were appropriate to the context because they described what emotion he was feeling. His choice of words, indeed, make it easy to understand what he was trying to imply. Succinctly, diction is extremely important to have when writing and Langston Hughes sure knows how to use it.…show more content…
He sets the structure of his sentences to where most of his audiences can understand his purpose. Hughes’s phrases, as well as his words, proves him to be intellectual. As an illustration, one of his phrases is, “No longer the light of my dream before me, above me”, which means that he once had a light and it lead him in the right direction, but now the light is nonexistent. Syntax are obviously important, especially for poems because the order of words can make or break your poem. In summary, the way Langston Hughes used syntax was close to perfect because it showed his passion for writing and made it to where most people could understand where he was coming
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