'Ballad Of The Landlord' By Langston Hughes

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In class we read four different poems written by Langston Hughes. Out of the four poems we analyzed, I would say that Ballad of the Landlord was the best poem. In order to explain why this poem is so great I must explain my definition of “best”. I decided that the best poem should be able to exceed the conventions of traditional poetry and effectively tie in other literary elements to enhance the poems artistic value. Each of Hughes poems is able to accomplish this criteria to some extent. However, Ballad of the Landlord is able to appeal to reader’s emotions in a particularly captivating manner. Langston Hughes is able to incorporate the elements of traditional poetry which is known for its song-like nature and he infuses a tone of rage to the melodious flow. This…show more content…
Langston Hughe’s ability to articulate the frustration of the tenant in a non-traditional manner makes Ballad of the Landlord superior to the other three poems. When I first read Ballad of the Landlord I immediately noted Langston Hughe’s use of colloquialism. By incorporating this type of diction into the poem, Langston Hughes provides context as to when and where this poem is set. The language captivated my attention because one does not usually see “sprung a leak” or “ ‘member” in poetry. As I previously stated, I admired how this poem truly embodies and portrays the emotions of many African-Americans living in urban areas at the time. The poem starts with a tone of annoyance as the speaker complains

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