American Culture Research Paper

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Culture is a communication system, which produces an exchange of information through a system of signs and symbols. The culture cannot exist without signs, shapes, symbols, and texts. All of these allow people to engage in communicative connection with one another, and navigate in the space of culture. The culture is a universal form of understanding of reality, which organizes emerging or existing ideas, perceptions, ideas, images, and other semantic structures. Culture cannot exist without a system of communication, and sharing information sharing. Accumulated experience is provided in the culture through a variety of sign systems which ensure the preservation and transfer to the next generation. Every culture in their development process creates a different system of signs and symbols. Creating characters and symbols are a purely human characteristic. Existing animal signs and signals are connected only with the behavior and characteristics of the life of a species. Animals do not create these…show more content…
Each sign and symbol has a meaning, which was expressed and recorded in the signs of previous generations. This implies that any sign and symbols have its format and content. The content of the signs is complex, multifaceted, concentrated information for those who are able to read it. The culture of each society can only exist by virtue of the continuity of generations. However, the cultural memory cannot be transmitted genetically. All the knowledge, skills, behaviors, traditions and customs live only in the culture. The preservation of culture due to the necessity of preserving and transmitting cultural information to every generation. Thus transmission is performed by transmitting symbols from one generation to the next and from one culture to another. The interaction of cultures is vital for the existence and development of the culture of any
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