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Kurt Donald Cobain Kurt Donald Cobain was a very influential musician, his music made a great impact on the world, his childhood wasn’t the best, and his death was very untimely. This was all part of what made his music so inspiring and great. Kurt Cobain was born February 20th 1967, and committed suicide on April 5th 1994. He married Courtney Love, and had one child Frances Bean Cobain. Kurt Cobain was a seemingly happy child. His artistic talents were very apparent even at a young age. His drawings, even as young as Kindergarten, were a great deal better than the other children’s. Kurt learned to play instruments at a early age. He learned to play the piano by ear. He also played the drums; he received a kid drum set from his parents as a gift. Kurt played little league baseball after being pressured by his father to do so. Kurt Cobain had a sister born in 1971. He played with his little sister sometimes, but for the most part he had other interests. Both children had to listen to their parents fight as their marriage fell apart. Donald and Wendy Cobain divorced in 1976, when Kurt was only 9 years old. Kurt went to live with his father. According to people who knew him he became “Withdrawn.” His sister…show more content…
This made it very difficult to find guitars. He would find right-handed guitars and would string them backwards, until he could afford to buy left-handed ones. Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl would often find left-handed guitars so that Kurt could find them. Nirvana really took off in the late 1980’s. They gained international success with the hit song “Smells like teen spirit.” This song came off their album “Nevermind.” The band furthered their success by playing MTV’s unplugged concert, where the song “All Apologies” became very popular. The band practically became international superstars over night. The band toured all around the world. Nirvana eventually slowed down because Kurt did not like the direction the band was

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