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Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the 90s grudge band Nirvana. Cobain played a big role in helping transform popular music in the 90s by making Nirvana be heard on the radio. He first got a guitar at age 14, that’s when his passion for alternative rock started. In high school he was very rebellious, most likely rebelling because his parents had gotten divorced when he was eight and he got bullied in school for choosing art and music over sports. He continued to use music as his outlet for creativity, which led him to develop his unique voice and guitar skills. Cobain was very humble about Nirvana making it big. Being dubbed “the voice of a generation” but he always hated being put up on a pedestal. Kurt Cobain would be at the high end of the “average” scale for creativity because he was a fantastic guitar player and singer. Since Cobain had a rebellious strike, and was the “leader” of the underground grudge music scene in the 90s, the government would see him as a high level threat. I think that out of all the…show more content…
Since he was a depressed man and a ragging alcoholic, I don’t think the government would be very concerned about him having deep thoughts, so an ear device wouldn’t be necessary, but knowing the government in this story, the Handicapper General would probably play it safe and have an ear device just to make sure that he doesn’t write anything that would considered too profound for that society. The one handicap device I could see the Handicapper General using for Poe would be a handicap bag. Even though he wouldn’t need it to be unnecessarily heavy, I feel the Handicapper General would believe the heavier the bag the harder it would be for Poe to convince himself to get around and write. Being as he already had depression, a heavy handicap bag would just be more weight for him to lug around with him, making it harder for him to get the motivation he needs to

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