What Is Sethe's Relationship With Her Mother In The Book Beloved

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Sethe Suggs has lived quite the life and shares the unfortunate experiences to show just how upsetting events have been in her life. Sethe lives in Ohio with her 18-year-old daughter and mother-in-law, where she lives as a free slave (Morrison, 1987). Many things happen to Sethe that relate to her and her children and how their relationships work, which is what I think guides the book Beloved. Sethe was hurt severely by her mother's inability to care for her because of the slave environment in which they lived; taken from her mother as an infant, she only saw her a few times in her life (Morrison, 1987). Because slavery ripped Sethe and her mother from each other, she has very few memories of her. When Sethe got older she understood that her mother was not neglecting her, it was the slavery that separated them, but as a child she felt alone and did not understand why her mother would leave her like she did. Even though Sethe had a better understanding of what she went through as a child, she still feels pain as an adult from the experiences she had as a child (Morrison, 1987)…show more content…
When Sethe’s children were infants they were taken from her, making it almost impossible for her to nurture them and she was also separated from women who could give her advice on how to care for her children (Morrison, 1987). Sethe felt like she had only one thing that she could give her children to help nurture them, and that was her milk. She had no money to buy her children anything, but Sethe took pride in her ability to at least produce milk for her babies, but then it was taken from her by School teacher’s nephews and Sethe felt so robbed of her ability to nurture her own children (Morrison,

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