Comparing A Worn Path 'And Hills Like White Elephants'

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There is more than one point of view to things and each story has their own point of view. “A Worn Path” is a story that involves the narrators inside look of the character. “Everyday Use” is a story that is told from “Mama’s” point of view. “Hills Like White Elephants” is about a pregnant woman. “A Worn Path” is a story about an older lady, Phoenix, who is caring for her sick grandson. She makes a regular trip to Natchez to retrieve soothing medicine for her grandson. She takes the same path every time, so she considers it to be a “worn path”. While on her trip, she talks to the landscape and small animals. A dog runs onto her path and she gets distracted and wanders off with the dog. She couldn’t find her way back until a hunter finds he…show more content…
Maggie is terribly insecure of the burns on her arms and legs that she got when she was little. Dee is a more confident girl who has big dreams. Mama explains the characteristics of the girls and how they were different. Dee doesn’t accept the African American culture and joins a movement called Cultural Nationalism. It’s led by a man named LeRoi Jones. Maggie stays home with Mama and lives a more traditional lifestyle. Dee comes back home to Maggie and Mama to introduce them to her significant other and to take her family heirlooms as a representation of there inheritance. Dee stumbles across some quilts that her grandma had made and demands to have them. Maggie wanted them badly because her grandma had made them. Mama declines and says Maggie should have them. Dee infers that she deserves them more than Maggie. Mama wanted Maggie to have them because she had promised Maggie to have them on her wedding day. Dee gives it to Maggie and says a smart remark to her while driving off with her other heirlooms and trophies. Maggie and Mama stayed and cherished memories rather than displayable things. This story was told through Mama, which is a first person point of view. First person point of view is one character as the narrator and telling the story through their

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