Rainbow Curve Chapter Summary

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Characters: • Bo Mellan: Orphaned and young American pitcher. • Rainbow Billy Beauchamp: He is the mentor of Bo Mellan who sells his dry cleaning business and makes a traveling baseball team. • Juan Cortez: A baseball entrepreneur. Plot: There are two stories situated out in successive chapters: the first in 1970 and the second in 1980. Story one concentrates upon a teenager, Philip (Bo) Mellan who has been as of late orphaned. Bo lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). He is spared by an African American who runs a dry-cleaning business yet used to be a pitcher in the Negro Baseball Leagues. This runs in spite of the typical account of a European plummet individual sparing an African American. For this situation the roles are turned around: an African American spares an orphaned European drop American. Bo has ability as a baseball pitcher and his guide Rainbow Billy Beauchamp offers his laundry business and makes a voyaging baseball group that will play in Mexico and the Caribbean to profit. Things happen and the group stops to exist after one season. Story Two. Bo tries out for a United States baseball group, the Chicago Cubs. He is capable and makes the group. On the other hand, Chicago politics and racial pressures make different issues. The two stories drastically meet up in the last section of the book.…show more content…
Author Michael Boylan expertly draws associations between America's most loved pastime, cultural power, and ethical decision. Boylan's novel exhorts us that ethics and competent refection on our exercises as individuals and gatherings are practically as important now as they were in Aristotle's time. Rainbow Curve is an indication of why we sing God Bless America at the ball

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