Knowledge In Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Knowledge is the key to everything. When you’re smart you want to do something with your life. That’s how we make inventions and new technologies. Surely, knowledge will help you out with everything, but sometimes it might be the thing that makes people not like you. For example, in Fahrenheit 451 they get killed for the knowledge they know, because they don’t want them to be smart and pass that on to other people. They had to run because of the information they knew. I think it’s because they’re threatened by the knowledge that they knew, so they decided to kill them and burn books. That way they couldn’t over power them and take over. Some people are very gingerly when it comes to letting others know they know a lot about something so they aren’t judged. People could be incriminated because of the knowledge and information they knew. That’s why a lot of people keep to their TV’s in Fahrenheit 451.…show more content…
The knowledge they learned sometimes come back in fragments because of how long it’s been and what they remember. Sometimes remembering the knowledge after it’s been a long time is very convolutions. That is one thing they could accomplish with their knowledge. When you are smart you can accomplish many things. Such as, becoming a great leader who made everything better or being very successful in life with a very high paying job. Higher paying jobs usually are for very smart people that do smart things. Someone could become very rich because of how smart they

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