King Arthur And The Sword Excalibur

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The movie Excalibur displays the story of King Arthur, who is born from an affair of Urthur and Igrayne. When Arthur becomes king, he falls in love with and later marries Guenevere. Merlin, Arthur’s consociate, gives assistance throughout the movie to Arthur and other characters, such as Arthur’s half-sister Morgana, who bears a child named Mordred through disguise. Through many battles and with the help of Lancelot, who is one out of many knights of the Round Table, King Arthur and the sword Excalibur show how much it is favored to have power back in the medieval times. The sword Excalibur is a symbol that exercises the ideas of how power can corrupt oneself, shape the outcome of personal desires that leads to a corrupt kingdom, and show that the battles are not acts of violence, but acts of power.…show more content…
After many different attempts made by others in the town, Arthur is able to gain all power through his ability to pull the sword out of the stone. Having all the power, Arthur is now called King and is able to use Excalibur when needed. Jackson writes that Excalibur “was foundational for Arthur’s rule and reign” (208). The sword is the groundwork of Arthur’s rule and reign as king over his country. Though having so much power may be exceptional, corruption is soon to come, leaving King Arthur to defend for himself. The loss of his power means the loss of Excalibur. The once all powerful sword ends up killing himself and the one closest to him, his

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