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Merlin is best known for being a wizard in King Arthur’s Tales. The first documented appearance of Merlin, was in 1137 in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae. Merlin originally had nothing to do with the story of King Arthur or his knights. Merlin was depicted in his stories as a wizard, prophet, tutor, adviser, bard, and sorcerer. In the story of King Arthur, Merlin was responsible for Arthur’s birth. He also helped make Arthur king, and guided him in his choices. Merlin foretold the future of King Arthur. One example, was when Merlin told Arthur that someone close to him would steal Excalibur and the scabbard. Later in the story, Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s sister, stole Excalibur and the scabbard from him, while he was sleeping. Merlin was a wizard of many skills in the Middle Ages; a prophet in King Arthur’s tales, and an important figure in Arthur’s Life. Merlin appeared in stories before he was put in Arthurian…show more content…
Merlin helped King Uther by disguising him as Gorlois, Igraine’s husband so he could sleep with her. However, after Gorlois died, Igraine married King Uther, only to find that he was the father of her baby. Merlin then told the couple to give the baby to Sir Ector, for him to raise Arthur. Merlin also helped Arthur to become a king. He told the barons of Logres, that only a person worthy of being king, could pull the sword out of the stone. Merlin also helped King Arthur in his first few wars against rebel Kings. After King Arthur broke his sword in a fight with King Pellehen, Merlin was the one that brought Arthur to the lake where he found a new sword, Excalibur and scabbard from the Lady of the Lake. Merlin then told Arthur that the scabbard was worth ten times the sword because the scabbard would prevent Arthur from losing blood. Later in the story of King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, stole the scabbard from him. Lastly, Merlin also foretold the birth of Sir Lancelot and Sir

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