Comparing Malory's Le Morte D Arthur And Joan Of Arc

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This paper explores the similarities and differences between King Arthur in the literary work “Le Morte D’Arthur” written by Sir Thomas Malory and the historical figure Joan of Arc. Analyzing these themes of supernatural power, their origins, and how they both became famous warriors as they are demonstrated by these characters within the context of each literary and historical work. The first grounds are a comparison of how both of these iconic historical figures encountered supernatural powers. As a young child, Joan experienced spiritual voices which she claimed them to be from Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret. It was in her belief that they had been sent as a calling from God himself. She claimed that the voices told her that it was her holy mandate to liberate her country from the English and to assist the French prince in taking back his family’s crown. She also believed that voices told her to cut her hair, wear a man’s apparel and take up arms and fight. Several years later, she convinced Prince Charles to take her claim seriously, when she told him about a private prayer he made in the previous November. In this prayer, he asked God to aid him in regaining the throne if that was…show more content…
After Arthur drew the sword out of the stone many of the Barons became angry and shouted out that they would never have a boy for King whose blood lineage was no better than their own. So it was agreed to wait till Candlemas, when more Knights would be there, and the same two men who had been selected before watched the sword all day and all night; but at Candlemas it was the same , and then Easter, And when the day of Pentecost came, the common people who were there, and saw Arthur pull out the sword, shouted with a loud and unified voice that he was their King, and they would kill any man who said differently. After that King Arthur proved himself time and time again with his combat

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