King Acrisius Of Argos

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King Acrisius of Argos has beautiful daughter but wants a son. He takes a journey to Delphi to ask if he will ever have a son. The priest gives Acrisius terrible news; that he will never have a son, but also that his grandson will kill him. The only action to prevent this prophecy would be to kill his daughter, Danae, but Acrisius fears the god’s punishment. Therefore Danae decides to imprison her in a bronze underground home with an open roof and guards. Arcisius thought that after excluding his daughter, Dane, from the mortals would do it all. But he forgot about the immortal Don Juan, Zeus. He made usual love visit and impregnate Dane with Perseus. Once Acrisius discovers the baby, he puts Perseus and Danae in a chest and throws it out into…show more content…
Perseus hovered above them looking only at the shield and aimed Medusa's throat. He cut her neck he dropped her head in the wallet and closed waking up the other Gorgons, Perseus was safe since he had the cap of darkness and they could not find him. With Hermes and Athena at his side, he flies back toward to his mother. On the way, he passes a beautiful woman chained to a rock, Andromeda, and falls in love with her instantly. She was chained there because her foolish mother had thought herself more beautiful than any goddess. So as punishment the gods told her to chain her daughter to a rock; where she would be eaten by a serpent. Perseus kills the serpent and takes Andromeda home. When he returns to the island, he discovers that Danae and Dictys are hiding because Danae will not marry Polydectes. The evil king, meanwhile, is hosting a banquet with all his supporters. Perseus walks in holding the head of Medusa. Unable to look away in time, all the men turn to…show more content…
His grandfather wanted a son but had a daughter, and it was prophesied that his grandson was going to kill him. Acrisius was scared so he tried to lock her daughter so she wouldn’t get pregnant. But his plans were nothing compared to what the plans of the gods. Hamilton stated “So Apollo’s oracle was again proved true. If Perseus felt any grief, at least he knew that his grandfather had done his best to kill him and his mother” (Hamilton 207). Perseus was just another myth reinforcing that fate will happen no matter what you do to change it. Fate does not belong to the humans it’s up to the gods, humans just have to suffer through it. Although fate can be harsh through this myth we see that there is always hope and guidance. The gods gave Perseus the tools he need to kill Medusa. This myth also includes the courage and sacrifice that heroes portray. Perseus was brave to take an impossible challenge. Hamilton stated “It seemed that had been led by his angry pride into making an empty boast. No man unaided could kill Medusa” (200). Perseus sets the outline of the popular 21st century heroes like Iron Man, Bat Man, and Super Man. Perseus is shown victorious in painting with define muscles similar to Super Man work. Also the 2012 movie In Clash of the Titans Perseus, the son of Zeus is a hero who attempts to stop the underworld form spreading

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