Poseidon And Zeus Relationship

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Zeus is the sky god that rules over Mount Olympus. At times Zeus shows his divinity and embodies a wholesome sense of justice. Although Zeus can be fair and just, at times he proves to be harsh and unkind. Hera is Zeus’ sister and wife, Hera is a very commanding goddess who is most notably known for her jealousy. Hera is frequently malicious and malevolent; her behavior typically comes from her husband’s unfaithfulness. Poseidon is the god of the sea and Zeus’s. Poseidon seems to have an ongoing resentment against Odysseus, a warrior that fought in the Trojan War. The harsh and impulsive strength of the oceans is often explained by Poseidon’s current mood. Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Hades is ruler of the underworld with his wife, Persephone. Athena is the goddess that is known for combat, quickness, and…show more content…
In chapter two, Ovid describes the romance between Pyramus and Thisbe. Like a lot of classic love stories, their parents have a hatred for each other and prohibit their wedding. The couple remains together and they converse through a crack in a wall and ultimately decide to elope. They decide to meet outside the city at a mulberry tree. Thisbe gets there first but runs when she is threatened by a lion, expecting to come back later. Pyramus comes finding her torn up cloak thinking she has been killed by a lion. Pyramus then decides to kill himself. Thisbe returns to find her lover dead, and then kills herself with his sword. In chapter four, Phaëthon, born on Earth, discovers that his father is the Sun. He is determined to find his dad. The Sun, beyond happy at seeing his son, swears by the river to grant him any wish. Phaëthon then asks to fly the Sun’s chariot. Though the Sun knows this is a bad idea, his unbreakable oath forces him to grant the wish. Phaëthon loses control over the chariot’s wild horses, and their rage set the world on fire. To stop the damage, Jove kills Phaëthon with a thunderbolt and Eridanus River puts out the

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