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Jiro Dreams of Sushi is about a family run by the strict 85-year-old patriarch, Jiro Ono, a sushi fanatic, who own a three Michelin star sushi restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo. After his father died, Jiro left his household and found his immense passion for sushi making. “Once you find your passion,” Jiro says, “always work toward it at all costs, and never complain.” That is exactly what Jiro did all of his life. He kept working on sushi recipes, thinking about new ones day and night! When he is asleep, he dreams of new and exquisite sushi recipes and techniques. Then, in the day, he works and works, seldom taking a day off. Yamamoto, a food critic and regular customer, says Jiro expects his sons to have this exact same qualities,…show more content…
Jiro displays the samurai way in his preparing of sushi. According to his beliefs, an excellent chef has to display 5 main attributes, very similar to the code of samurai. The first attribute is chefs must take work seriously. Jiro always takes making sushi seriously, just as a samurai would when fighting to protect his lord. The second attribute to being a chef is that they must be able to improve. Jiro constantly tastes and tests sushi to improve its flavor. A samurai would also always try to improve many aspects of battle such as fighting methods and weapons. The third attribute is they must be clean and orderly, like Jiro’s spotless and very orderly kitchen. Samurai, not only kept clean but they had orderly battles with rules such as if you lost your sword, you must use a wooden staff. Also they kept order by having battles where both sides agree it should be held. The fourth attribute is a chef must be able to lead and work with others. Jiro is a very strong leader, he trains cooks throughout each rank of the sushi kitchen very thoroughly, from washing dishes to mastering sushi. Samurai requires an army that can be led by one person with little resistance. Finally, the last attribute to a good chef is you must be passionate for your craft. Jiro is more than passionate, he is devoted to sushi. Everyday, Jiro goes over sushi recipes and…show more content…
All of the very powerful messages about working hard, has helped me to succeed in things and make other dreams seem possible. In my house, hard work is highly encouraged but is not always stressed. However, if I lived in Jiro’s house it would be much different. In Jiro’s house not only would mastering sushi be extremely encouraged, but passion and hard work would be constantly encouraged. If I wanted to be a doctor, I would be pushed to make sure I could succeed. If I wanted to give up, I would be pushed not to. However if I did give up, I would be thrown out and unless I could work I could not be welcome back into the house. In the movie, Jiro said if his sons did not work hard they would be thrown out. The message in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, is not only how to make sushi, or to be harsh on others, but rather how to perfect anything, using hard

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