Explain How Digestive Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems Are Interrelated

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Task 4-Distinction work Explain how the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are interrelated. Identify the functions of each system and show how they are interrelated. Explain the difference in lymphatic function in health and in disease. The human body needs to work together in order to function properly. All of the advanced systems must cooperate so that normal bodily functions can take place. The digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems all interrelate. Without all of these interrelated systems the body would not be able to function properly and people would fall ill easier. Interrelations are required in all individuals’ body so that survival is achieved. Combining all of these systems gives us movement, sensitivity, nutrients, reproduction, growth, respiration and excretion. Name of advanced system Function of each system How they are interrelated…show more content…
These nutrients are needed to maintain normal bodily functions. Proteins are broken down in the digestive system by secreted enzymes. These proteins are broken down into amino acids, starch is broken down into glucose and fats are broken down into a mixture of glycerol and fatty acids. The digestive system interrelates with the cardiovascular system. The digestive system produces nutrients that are essential in maintaining a steady and normal heart rate in the cardiovascular system. The nutrients are absorbed into the blood and the cardiovascular system transports them to their desired location in the body. Vessels expand when the digestive system requires more blood. This expansion occurs to meet the demands of blood. Chemical signals are carried by the circulatory system that aid digestion. They control digestion and toxins that are produced are then carried to the kidneys by the cardiovascular system in order to excrete waste

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