Kathy Reich's Bones To Ashes

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Looking for an amazing crime novel with a twist, then pick up Bones to Ashes at a library near you. Kathy Reichs Bones to Ashes is a must have crime novel for those of us who love her previous works or those of us who haven’t read her books yet. This is because of her writing style, the interesting characters, and the detailed information. Bones to Ashes is based upon the life of forensic anthropologist Dr.Temperance Brennan and it takes us on a journey to find out what happened to one of her childhood friends, Évangéline Landry. This book is a crime novel and it is made for intelligent readers who are interested in forensic anthropology. The first reason as to why this is a good book is because of Kathy Reichs writing style. Kathy Reichs…show more content…
This is Kathy Reich’s tenth book about Temperance Brennan and Temperance is based off of Kathy and her life, making the character very realistic. In this book we learn about Temperance’s childhood and what happened to her family and it revolves around her search to find her childhood friend, who mysteriously disappeared one day with her sister. Temperance is an interesting character because she is sometimes cold and distant, but has grown more likeable and loving towards other people, even though she is very work oriented. For example, she is at home and Ryan is supposed to be at her house with their pet, however he does not come. “Ryan didn’t phone. Nor did he appear at my condo that night. Though Birdie and I were in bed at eleven, sleep didn’t come for a very long time. Thinking back on our exchange in autopsy room four, I realized what was bothering me. Ryan had scarcely smiled or joked. It wasn’t like him. Don’t act like an insecure adolescent, I told myself. Ryan’s busy. Concerned about his daughter. About a serial killer. About ear wax buildup. About the mustard spot on his tie. I didn’t buy it” (Reichs, 36). This example shows how Temperance is calculating because she looks into every detail and thinks of excuses why Ryan did not come, however she herself knows that she is just trying to avoid the obvious, this gives us an insight into her brain and how

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