Comparing The Book 'Genghis Khan And His Hawk'

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A Valuable Lesson By Kathryn OʼBrien The original author of “Genghis Khan and his Hawk,” is unknown. This version however was retold by Lori Verstegen and was published by IEW in the year 2007. This story is a legend that takes place in the Mongolian woods in the 1200s, and begins when Genghis and his loyal hawk are in hot pursuit of a large deer. Even though “Genghis Khan and his hawk” is a ancient legend it has everything a modern day readers will love tragedy suspense, and a very important lesson to learn. The characters of this story are the Genghis Khan and his hawk. Genghis is the proficient ruler of Mongolia, and enjoys hunting with his friend the hawk, but is surprisingly moody. The hawk is the kingʼs noble hunting companion and friend. Because of the Hawkʼs keen eye sight and Genghis skill they are always successful.…show more content…
Genghis abandons his hunt for the deer and and begins to search for water. He does not have to search long because  not very far away was a spring filled with cool refreshing water. Quickly the king fills his embellished cup but before he could even take one sip the hawk knocked it out of his hands. Because the hawk repeatedly knocked the cup, on the third time frustrated and thirsty Genghis drew his sword and tragically murdered his friend. How could Genghis do that? During Genghis tragic murder the cup flew to the rocks above he went to retrieve now even thirstier than before. When Genghis finds his cup the water is only filling a drop at a time. Frustrated Genghis goes up stream to find more water. Shockingly when he finds the source he spots a dead viper in the water cut at the throat so that all its venom ran out into the spring. When Genghis realizes that he has killed his valuable friend, who was only trying to save him, he is heart sick. He feels melancholy. The heart-broken king must return to the castle without his beloved

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