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The novel, The Help, written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009, is one of those pieces of writing that hits everyone square in the heart. Although maybe not in the same way for every individual, there is something personal and relatable that each reader can take away with them from the story. Many themes and messages are portrayed and intertwined in this beautiful and well written novel. However, I chose love and courage as a main theme, because it was the most prominent to me as a reader. The novel is about trying to counteract the hate and irrationality through acts of love and courage. The Help, set in the early 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi, tells the story of several black maids working in white southern homes during segregation. This book…show more content…
I chose these two women because I felt as though they had a very similar connection in many ways. They are both young women who wish to change the way the world is, Skeeter through her writing, and Idgie through the way she helps and nurtures the individuals of Whistle Stop. Just like how Skeeter defies the law and tries to help the black maids, Idgie is always willing to give out food and water, and even treats her black workers as equals. Skeeter and Idgie are similar as well because they both see women that they are friends with go through physical abuse. Skeeter watches Minnie deal with her husband and cower at his every word, while Idgie becomes very protective of Ruth when her husband almost beats her to death. I believe that both of the women held very similar values as well. Although scared of the consequences of standing up for others, especially themselves, they rose above and created better lives for themselves. Skeeter is effected immensely by the way her mother treats her and does not want to follow anything her mother tells her to do. She wants to be a well known writer, while her mother wants her to settle down and get married. Meanwhile, Idgie struggles with the death of her brother, Buddy, and must find a way to move on with her life. Each woman struggles with a different situation, but they both make it through and become better people because of what they have endured. Skeeter asserts her independence by earning a degree and getting a job as a journalist. Upon seeing the mistreatment of her friends' black maid, she sets out to shine a light on such civil-rights injustices. In doing so, she not only discovers the strength of her own spirit, but she helps others discover their voice as well. Idgie is a woman of similar power, who helps her best friend out of an abusive relationship, and still continues to treat negroes as her friends and

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