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Overpowering Oppression “Oppression that is clearly inexorable and invincible does not give rise to revolt but to submission.” This quote by Simone Weil is considerably well fitting in racially segregated Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. The groups abused in this time and place were so dehumanized and restricted that there was very little active resistance, even in the face of direct exploitation. This oppressive period is the setting of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, a story of the fights three women face against the confining forces in their lives. Through characters, Stockett displays how one can gain true strength and empower their beliefs when they overcome their submission and mighty oppressors. The most literal form of submission shown in this novel is the domestic abuse suffered…show more content…
Skeeter has never been the slight, lovely, pretty girl her mother was. Earning herself a deprecating name from birth- “’It’s not a baby, it’s a skeeter!’”(25)- and being taller than many of the people in Jackson has attributed to Skeeter being offbeat with the other girls. She has always cared about her passion for writing and her love for her black maid, Constantine, much more than dresses or finding a husband. Her mother and society are hand in hand when trying to get Skeeter to be more of a “woman,” her mother constantly chastising her about her appearance: “It was shocking what she could process about my appearance in the split second it took for me to pass by that door. I used to dash by, feeling like a dartboard, a big red bull’s-eye that Mother pinged darts at. ‘Eugenia, you know there is no chewing gum in this house.’
’Eugenia, go put alcohol on that blemish.’
’Eugenia, march upstairs and brush your hair down, what if we have an unexpected visitor?’” (27) And her lack of husband: “’Would it really be so terrible if I never met a

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