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John Brooks describes the negative effects of the telephone by stating that it has made previous forms of communication become obsolete, it has led to the development of conflicts, and it has instigated the breakup of multigenerational households. However, society has not always thrived with the effects of the telephone. Before, life was more peaceful without modern technology. With technological advancements, society slowly started to evolve into what it is today. Now, not only has the invention of the telephone corrupted our lives, many other devices have also. In his article, Brooks focuses primarily on the negative impact of the telephone alone. Imagine how great an impact advancements in all technology have negatively affected society.…show more content…
Brooks states that the telephone has severely damaged if not destroyed the practice of letter writing. His observations can be proven true based on the amount of letters written and mailed today. With the use of electronic communication, there is a slow decrease in the availability of jobs for most post masters. Communicating in person with others has also decreased due to the heavy use of the telephone. Many people have become too lethargic to communicate with others in person, so the telephone enables their lethargy. Correspondingly, I personally do agree with Brooks’ observation of the telephone affecting other communication methods. Today, with the invention of communication methods including the email and video chat, for example, the need for letter writing and personal interactions have declined significantly. Although these methods may be beneficial, they hamper the effectiveness of social and communication…show more content…
I do not believe the telephone, or technology in general, has caused families to disintegrate, nor has is caused a decrease in the number of multigenerational households. The telephone has little impact on the household family dynamic to cause families to live multigenerational or to choose not to. Nonetheless, technology may have caused communication barriers between family members, not leading to their separation. On the whole, the creation of the telephone has had an insignificant impact on multigenerational living arrangements. In present times, the same structure of living continues due to family members being family oriented or member having to depend on

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