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Abstract Michael Green speaks about the different outlooks of the first thirty years of Christianity. He talked about the people, their ministry, church planting, their spirit-led life, the society they lived in, etc. Christians and churches today are so different from how they were back in the days of the early church. There is a lot we can learn from these first century Christians. The book of Acts for Today isn't just another commentary on Acts. It is a manual to live an authentic, spiritual Christian life. We read about how Green describes the atmosphere that the first century Christians lived in. Green describes the background, and how the political, social, and economic climate was like. They had to deal with opposition and pressure from the secular society, weaknesses from within the church, and of course, direct satanic opposition. The chapter that stood out to me in Michael Green’s book was…show more content…
I asked why we do not go out to the community as a church. I was told that every time we spend money to do outreach, that it’s for nothing. I ask the individual why you would say that. They said, because we never see any difference on Sunday. Our church goes out and we go out, and we go out but there is never anyone new on Sunday morning. I told them we don’t do outreach to get people to a building; we do outreach to get people to Jesus. Our mission as Christians is to tell others about the Gospel to bring about salvation. Too many churches have locked themselves inside the four walls, and have huddled together praying to God to send people to the church instead of taking the church to them. “That’s the church’s mission: to join God in His redemptive efforts to save the world. People all around us are in darkness. They are going to die unless someone finds a way to save them. The church is in trouble because we’re sleeping on the job. Too many Christians have forgotten why we show up for

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