Justice In Dante's Inferno

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In Dante’s “The Inferno,” the poet Dante tells of the pilgrim Dante’s journey through hell. Some may wonder where this story came about, but there is evidence that leads certain readers to believe that this comedy portrays the tale of his own life. Through the political scene that he involved himself in, to his tragic love story and lustfulness, Dante’s life seems to be the blue print of his journey through hell and why he wrote this comedy the way that he did. As an adult, Dante became interested in the political factions that were happening in his hometown of Florence, Italy. Dante was a white Guelph and was on opposition of the Pope. The pope as well as many other religious and political figures end up in hell, a part of Dante’s inferno.…show more content…
Dante was a white Guelph who was dedicated to the church and found many flaws within the Pope and his loyalty to God. Through the process of making his way through hell, Dante learns the ways of God and the justice system. Through this journey he was able to see his imperfect life. Perhaps he spent too much time trying to create this perfect relationship with Francesca when he should’ve been focusing on his relationship with God. Dante was considered to be immortal for putting before God the relationship between he and another human, which to God is considered immortal. Through Dante’s journey through hell we see the broken relationship between God and humans. Although the reader knows that choosing human over God is morally wrong, Dante uses pathos to try and capture the emotions of the reader. Through hell he begins to realize that his life on Earth was not as moral as he thought it was Dante falls inlove with a woman at a young age. She dies before he can marry her, but he still feels strongly about her. Through Dante’s journey through hell, he sympathizes with the characters fate, even though he placed them there. He sympathizes for Paolo and Francesca because he lusts for her. Although he realizes that lust is a sin and that he is guilty of it, he tries to transpose his relationship with Francesca into a pure and moral relationship on the road to God where he wants to

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