Justi Justin Martyr's First Apology

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Justin Martyr was born around in 100 C.E at Flavia Neapolis, in Samaria, near ancient Shechem and trained as a teacher of Platonic philosophy. Justin became a Christian, but he continued to wear the cloak that was the characteristic uniform of the professional teacher of philosophy. He engaged in debates with non-Christians of all varieties, pagans, Jews, and heretics. He opened a school of Christian philosophy, in at Ephesus and then later at Rome. He then engaged the Cynic philosopher Crescens in debate, and soon after was arrested on the charge of practicing an unauthorized religion. He was tried before the Roman prefect Rusticus, refused to renounce Christianity, and was put to death by beheading along with six of his students, one of them a woman in 165 C.E.. Justin was best known for his writings which were Apology and Dialogue with Trypho the Jew.…show more content…
His First Apology was addressed to the Emperor Antoninus Pius and his adopted sons. The points he makes in his First Apology are; that Christians are not Atheists or criminals, they allow themselves to be killed rather than deny their God, and they refuse to adore idols. He also mentions that Christians adore the crucified Christ, as well as God, Christ is their Master; and the moral teachings, that Christ taught, and Christ is the Incarnate Word. In the Second Apology, he expresses concerned to deny specific charges of immorality that had been made against the Christians. He argues that good Christians make good citizens, and that the idea that Christianity undermines the basics of a good society is based on slander or

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