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People have looked to broadcast news as a reliable and dependent source for daily information. Since the rise of broadcast news, the way in which it is communicated to the view has changed drastically influencing the way people process news. In his book, Geoffrey Baym takes a look at the current distribution of information through different news outlets and examines the effects the current approach is having on the viewer and the way people receive and respond to the news. Baym’s examination of broadcast news evolution suggest that what was once considered a reliable, credible source has now turned into a broadcast of infotainment and stories that people want to hear, rather then what they need to hear. Due to the constant bombardment…show more content…
This chapter gives reason as to why Baym feels that current news outlets are changing their presentation of the news. Baym makes the point that “Americans remain committed to their television---TV is still the number 1 source of news in the country”(15). This means that people are less likely to consult other news mediums (newspapers, radio) to get a wider variety of straight news. By broadcast news putting a larger emphasis on infotainment, viewers are less likely to be concerned with factual news stories. Baym states “media producers have lost the tight control they used to have over where and when viewers watched particular programs”(15). Due to the increase of outlets viewers have to consult with currently, news outlets have resorted to keeping viewers and ratings high and willing to broadcast over-publicized entertainment news rather than report on “actual news” and potentially loose viewers. This is an example of Publicity Model, the idea that news outlets are willing to present information or infotainment in order to grab attention of viewers, even though quality of the…show more content…
The news has changed to a personable conversation between anchor and the public. Due to the increase in non-formalities a new form of news has emerged called “Breakfast Television”(81). This type of format plays with the idea that the anchors are people just like the viewer, everyday normal people. The segments are often comprised of cooking and beauty tips, celebrity interviews and gossip, and viral videos. Often underplaying pressing news topics while over broadcasting meaningless news (82). Broadcast news is no longer a single anchor sitting down relaying information to the viewers; instead it is now a rehashing of reality TV due to the rising number of alternative news sources (79). Since the change in broadcast news, independent and smaller channels have joined to news broadcast conversation. Due to these channels speaking to smaller more specific demographics, in comparison to the networks, they often fall under the idea of being bias. One example is BET Nightly News whose opening statement is “Our World, our Issues, Our Culture” (86). When a channel that has a specific following like, BET or MTV, or public figure, like Drew Barrymore or Christina Aguilera, the news that is presented can become

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