Nonverbal Communication In Trouble With The Curve

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In class we watched a movie called “Trouble With The Curve” and now we are assigned to write a paper on this movie to apply multiple commutation concepts that we have learned throughout the semester. For this paper I will be talking about what nonverbal communication I saw throughout the movie, different types of group and team commutation, and lastly the stages of friendship development that occurred in the movie. Throughout this movie there are many nonverbal cues that can be see from each character. One big nonverbal cue that I say in the movie was kinesics. This refers to the body position and the body motion. In the beginning of the movie, there is a scene when Mickey is very angry with Gus. She is able to show her anger without using words by crossing her arms, stumping here feet as she walked away. She also showed us her anger by her facial expressions she was making when fighting with her father. Her eyes would be very open and her hands were on her hips when she was making fighting back. Later on in the movie Mickey and Johnny started to get very touchy. This is where haptic came into place.…show more content…
Another dialect that showed was autonomy/connection. This is where you like being independent, but you also sometimes like closeness. Gus showed this a lot in the movie. When they were sitting at the game, Mickey was on her phone the whole time and Gus felt like he was being ignored so he yelled at her to get her face out of that phone. This showed that he wanted to be close and talk to his daughter, but she was doing the opposite and ignoring him. This came up again when they were driving home after the game. Mickey was on her phone and had let Gus drive the care even though he was not able to see very well. Mickey was too busy texting away that she was unable to help Gus see if any cars where coming, and this caused them to crash the

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