How To Use Cake Makeup In Theatre

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Have you ever wondered how makeup can be used in theater? Makeup is used in many different ways, from natural looks to animal prints. Makeup is an important part of the theater, both today and in years past. Styles of makeup can help enhance the play and set the mood. Many different aspects of theater use different makeup styles and skills. One common type of stage foundation is cake makeup. Cake makeup comes in powder form and must be mixed with water to become applicable. It is gentler on the skin than other types of foundation, although it is considered more difficult to apply without streaking. One upside to this foundation is that it is easier to remove than cream based makeup. (Strickland) Conversely, cake makeup is difficult to work with because wearing too much can make the actor or actress to look orange and unnatural, while too…show more content…
Applying makeup heavier than normal will help audience members see defined features from further away. (Mitchell) Many times during a dress rehearsal for a performance, the makeup artist will sit in the audience and move from row to row to determine how the audience will view the performers. (Vasen) Techniques such as this also help the artist to see what mistakes they can avoid for the next time. Many times while working with stage makeup, it can also be important to focus on certain details, and not just the overall look. Lining features such as the eyebrows and highlighting parts of the face can help bring out features in the face. (Mitchell) Contouring in makeup can also help define features of the face and create illusions, such as a larger forehead or a more pointed chin. Contouring is done with lighter colors highlighting the face and darker colors creating shadows. (Bandy 22) Color can also create interesting effects, such as softening and rounding the face. (Bandy

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