Cybersecurity Chapter 3 Summary

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Chapter three is all about cybersecurity for instance, how one becomes at risk, different types of cyberattacks, and the types of people who do this. Also, ethical questions business mangers, IT professionals, and IT users face related to cybersecurity. Furthermore, Reynolds mentions trustworthy computing and how Microsoft has taken actions to support this. Cybersecurity is a growing issue all around the world however some counties are at a higher risk then others such as Iraq, Nepal, and Bangladesh. As a pose to Japan, Germany, and Denmark which have a low rate of infect computer. This issues continues to grow has new devices are being added. Such as cloud computing, it is a great way to store, access, and transfer information thru all devices wirelessly. However, this could be a great risk because someone could easily try to hack into the users account if one was storing an important file. Also, BYOD (bring your own device) policy which allows employees to use their own devices to access company computing resources such as applications, email, and corporate databases. BYOD has its benefits but overall it is a terrible idea because hackers could easily hack into employees personal computers rather than computer computers which will have security software to protect it.…show more content…
These three computer attacks are the most popular and interesting to me. The majority of people have received spam or junk mail such has Facebook claiming they have changed password or being a winner for a million dollar cash prize. Emails like these are all spam to get users to click a link to release a virus or worm into the users computer. CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is used on websites such as Ticket Master and Tumblr to prevents spammers to hack into the system or use information to hack other

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