Power According To The Hannah Arendt Summary

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Question: What is the relationship between power and liberty according to Arendt? According to the Hanna Arendt from the beginning the ancient liberties was followed by the reinstitution of lost power and authority. Same way the old understanding of power and authority even if it was represented very violently, almost automatically led the new experience of power to be channeled into concepts which had been vacated. In this phenomenon of automatic influences allows historian to state “the nation stepped into the shoes of the prince” power in the old world was the townships of the colonies once the American Revolution broke out the concept of power changed its shaped those who received the power to constitute and frame constitution they received the authority from below and the seat of power lay in the people, they did not think in term of a fiction and an absolute, the nation is above all authority and absolved from all laws.…show more content…
But American Revolution did bring new concept of power like prosperity and equality of condition, the new power concept was older than the Revolution but unlike the social and economic happiness of the new world which resulted in abundance and affluence almost any form of government. The men of the American Revolution understood it as matter of course, because it was personify in all institutions of self-government throughout the country. These new bodies politic were really “political societies” and their aim lay in the formation of political realm that enjoyed power without claiming

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