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I. Color deficiency in the human eyeball is a deficiency that is very outlooked by many. People rely on colors, they are used in art, fashion designing or even just seeing a traffic light. Color blindness is when you have a narrow color spectrum, the spectrum is used to see light. If people do not see much light, then they are color blind. Many people believe a cure is not necessary, but research is still helpful. Medical doctors and scientists have thoroughly researched color blindness, a deficiency of the eye, in order to help educate those affiliated with it. II. The human eyeball is essential when dealing with color blindness. A. Our eyes deal with plenty of components that help us see. B. A human has many important features stored in the eye. 1. Important features of…show more content…
If a person is lacking one or more of these pigments someone is likely for color blindness. C. The history and who discovered color blindness. 1. The first scientific paper about color blindness was written by John Dalton in 1793. 2. John Dalton was color blind and took interest in why so. 3. Eventually, he claimed that a colored liquid inside the eyeball was the source for seeing color perception. VI. For color blindness, there are many life changes and diagnosis. A. There are tests and diagnosis to see if people are color blind. 1. The most common test is the American Optical/Hardy, Rand, and Ritter test. 2. During the test, if the person can see the number in the circle they are not color blind, but if they cannot they are. a. If a pigment is lacking in the eye, it’s likely color blindness has occurred. B. Color blindness prohibits some jobs and daily life activities. 1. Certain jobs such as being a pilot, photographer or a fashion designer are prohibited for someone with color blindness. 2. People that have color blindness see traffic lights easy because they are used to there system of the way they tell colors. C. Color blindness has minimal symptoms that don’t cause very much

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