Jeremy Rifkin A Change Of Heart About Animals

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Throughout the course of history, many people have argued for the rights of animals. Many people try to change each other’s mind. On why animals should have rights. Others think animals are humans. They should be treated as humans. While many of us love animals, humans rights need to be only applied to humans. In the article “A Change Of Heart about Animals”, Jeremy Rifkin, author and president of the foundation of economic trends in Washington D.C, suggests in a seemingly, unbiased fashion, that animals “are more like us than we had ever imagined” (Rifkin). Jeremy Rifkin talked about how animals are humans. By pointing out the stuff they do, he states animals are similar to humans. He talks about how animals react to situations as humans would react to. He also let’s us know why…show more content…
In an attempt to demonstrate the similarities between animals and humans, Rifkin addresses many studies pertaining to the social, emotional, and cognitive abilities of various animals. Regarding the social behavior of pigs, Rifkin uses many loaded words such as “depressed” and “isolating” in reference to the emotional state of these creatures Rifkin treats the animals as humans and he lets us know about their feelings. By comparing them to humans and explaining. The similarly animals have with humans. For example when he talks about how pigs are depress. It's a connection with humans because humans can be depressed as well. In addition to the social behavior of various animals, Rifkin explores the emotional state of animals. According to some philosophers and animal behaviorists, animals are capable of self-awareness and individualism. (Paragraphs 10-11) For example, in his article, Rifkin claims Chantek, an orangutan uses a "mirror to groom his teeth and adjust his sunglasses."
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