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Jeremy Rifkin’s article “A Change of Heart about Animals” discusses how research on animals has revealed how they may be more similar to humans. While science may have shown us that animals are similar to humans, there is still a large gap that separates humans and animals, and I feel that this gap will not be closed anytime soon. While Rifkin’s article helps inform the reader of these discoveries in animals, it fail to persuade me to treat animals much differently. One of the topics that Rifkin discusses is how we treat animals. Should these discoveries in animal’s thoughts change how animals are portrayed in society? In my opinion, we should be aware of the consequences, but animals are nessesary for human’s health. Animal testing is one of those nessesary evils. Why should we risk the lives of humans when it’s possible to first test on animals with many similarities to humans? Of course, testing on animals is not to be done without good reason. Animal testing should be restricted to furthering research on…show more content…
This paragraph should not be treated as a valid argument because it uses too many statements using pathos without any supporting evidence or explanations. Although animals should be treated better, humans are dependent on animals and the system that stands should not be changed. Most humans rely on animals for food. There are humans who can survive eating veggie or no animal products, removing meat completely from a diet is a drastic transition for most humans to make. Animals may have some similarities to humans, but they cannot convey their feelings the same as humans do, so it’s difficult to judge whether or not these feelings are similar to humans. We can improve conditions in factories to help animals have healthier lives, but we can’t suddenly stop the sale of all meat because they may have

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