Summary Of A Change Of Heart About Animals By Jeremy Rifkin

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Hannah Mambatawan Swanson ERWC 29 September 2015 In “A Change of Heart About Animals,” Jeremy Rifkin states that animals are more like humans than people would ever imagine, therefore the way we treat and see them should change. Many may argue that there is a gap between humans and animals, therefore the treatment of animals is justifiable, but in my opinion I agree with the author’s claim, our treatment of animals should change because of our similarities to each other. Throughout this article Rifkin supports his claim about why the treatment of animals should change. He does this by showing us the similarities between man and animals. He states that researchers have found that animals are like humans through their behavior and emotion. Just…show more content…
It was said that “ animals have no sense of morality and are unable to comprehend their own death” (Rifkin 11). This is refuted with his statement that stated how elephants stand by their kin for a number of days and they even touch the bodies with their trunks (Rifkin 11). This is a sign of remorse on the animal's side. Animals are not heartless and they are fully aware of the things that go on around them. Presenting this statement to his audience may shock many because who would have thought that animals were aware and actually expressive of their emotion. They feel the way humans do when they are experiencing similar situations that we do. Animals are stereotyped as being careless, unable to comprehend, heartless, and unable to feel how we feel, but Rifkin continues to prove us wrong. He shows how animals are the complete opposite from the stereotype. Instead of being completely unaware they actually have a proactive way of thinking. He presents the crows, Betty and Abel, to defend his statement. After they are given a choice between which tools to use for snagging food they had picked the same tool, but the dominant, Abel, had stolen the tool to snag his food. Betty had

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