Amazon Job Enrichment Case Study

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Area 2 Job enrichment is a one of the way that Amazon uses to motivate it employees, that involves redesigning jobs so that they are more challenging to the employee and have less repetitive work (Woods) . The purpose of job enrichment is to make the position more satisfying to the employee. To accomplish Overall goals of the company often include increasing employee job satisfaction, reducing turnover, and improving productivity of employees. One of the Amazon approaches that they use is Amazon Connections is internal system that gives the employees the opportunity to ask a question about job satisfaction, leadership and training opportunities. The feedback that received is sent to the Amazon connotation team that specialized in responding…show more content…
The company uses the punishment as culture or could be defined as their main strategy. Basically, it means that each employee who works in Amazon is expected to feel punished even if he did not do something wrong. Amazon gained a reputation over the last years that it is a hard environment to work in order to earn money for living (Ryssdal, K. 2015). According to some people who use to work in Amazon, in many days some of the workers had social issues such as passing away one of the family, and some of the workers had cancer. Another example of Amazon`s punishment, one of the managers in the organization was highly worried about the unreasonable expectations needed from workers during the hot temperature days with the production rate. The manager sent an email about those issues to an Amazon regional vice president. Unfortunately, the manager received an email that provides him with the option of getting fire are leaving work. Not just that, Amazon is always following the employees’ mistakes (Times, T. S. 2012). Amazon uses the punishment strategy to enhance the productivity of the employees, and to increase the profit. Another reason could be occurring is to show for employees that time is very important when it comes to…show more content…
But it is not always about working hard they also need to have the resource available to get the job done that Amazon will provide. However, amazon does not use the Expectancy theory in an effective way they are putting a lot of pressure on employees to push them work harder more according to New York Times an old employee Bo Olson who worked in the book market in amazon says theory “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk.” (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). The reason behind is increase the employees productivity, to insure that work is done with optimal

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