Advertisement Analysis: Chevy Runs Deep

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Innovation of Chevrolet What is a good car to buy? Now let’s see an advertisement that will intrigue you. The Chevy advertisement that has a Chevy car portrayed, and the image includes a car that is hanging out on an airplane. This car will run deep as the picture said “Chevy Runs Deep.” In my opinion, Chevy is a reliable car to buy. The Chevy advertisement shows consumers that they make cars that will last long and motivates consumers to buy their product by making it affordable and reliable. As of now Chevy Equinox is the one that was made as the safest crossover that was made in 2014. There are some reasons that Chevy is a reliable and affordable brand of car in how they attract people to buy the car, in how effective the car is, how to make improvements in its brand, and how they produce this car.…show more content…
Actually, when I first saw the advertisement, I was so motivated on how they made the art of the image that it stunned me. Chevy is affordable and reliable to an owner of an Equinox 2014. For example, the Equinox has a phone in it and On Star to offer safety to its owner. Actually, my mom and I owned one for a month but my mom usually used it. In addition, the car in the image of the advertisement has a durable engine even though most of Chevy’s vehicles are four and six cylinder cars and trucks. Therefore, they attract people in buying this car because it is worth the money. Chevy cars was made to consumers that is finding a reliable and efficient cars. They are partners with General

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