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When I was in the process of picking who to write about I wanted to do one designer that I have always loved and one that I did not yet know much about. It was no question in my mind that I wanted to do Ralph Lauren as my ready-to-wear designer when brainstorming of people whom to research. I have always admired Ralph Laurens work. His designs are preppy, sophisticated, elegant, and can make anyone want to purchase just one more Polo sweater. When it came to thinking of an haute couture designer, I wanted to pick someone I was not as familiar with so I could broaden my view on the fashion world. Therefore, I selected Giorgio Armani. Ready-to-wear just simply refers to clothes to we see and wear everyday whereas haute couture pieces are custom…show more content…
His designs were all based on an image of old world wealth and luxury, and he believed that clothes were part of a lifestyle environment (fashionnet). Ralph Lauren stated, “I’ve always done safari things, because its party of the world I love. It’s romantic and exciting, and there is a naturalness to it” (Collier, 1989). Ralph was seen as an iconic figure in the fashion world. He started in the Bronx and now is the owner of a multi-billion-dollar business. He designed not to try to please everyone. Lauren says that he simply understands whom he is selling to and he works towards that vision all the time (Rom, 2014). Ralph Lauren won a total of two Coty Awards. In 1977 he became the first designer in the forty years of these awards being given out to win for both men’s and women’s clothes. (Kornbluth,1982). Lauren also got a Vogue Lifetime Achievement Award (2002). Lauren was known as the first fashion designer to acquire his own…show more content…
He was given the Superstar Award at the Night of Stars Awards of Fashion Group International. It was not even a year later that he then was awarded with Designer of the Year by the Fashion Editors Club of Japan. Giorgio Armani made it a point to introduce a relaxed look that was viewed as elegant and timeless quality (designerindex.net). By looking at Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-2015 collection it seemed like he was trying to portray a romantic and elegant look. Throughout the whole collection his color scheme included black, white, and red. The collection starts out simple with business looking attire that includes business coat and slacks using straight lines. The farther along you get into the collection, he then switches over to incorporating statement coats and evening gowns that used a lot of patterns. The dresses get very exquisite towards the end of the collection. The dresses use more of a fitted cut with curved lines. He includes quilted ruffle capes, embroidery, feathers, and overlays of polka dots in his

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