Senioritis In High School Research Paper

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In “3 Tips to Stop High School Senioritis Before It Starts,” an article, Bradford Holmes stated three tips to stop senioritis from coming. Senioritis can affect anybody who is a slacker. First of all, Holmes explain senioritis is one of the most significant problems that all high school students face. This is one of the biggest challenge high school students have to face. Then, Holmes acknowledge setting goals and and adhering to them is one of the best ways to avoid senioritis. Even if you already reach your goal, you will still have to set new goals to stay focus. In addition, he points out that you should have some me time once in a while. You shouldn’t be stressful all the time. This leads to Holmes’s belief following those three tips will help you…show more content…
Since freshmen to senior, i always slack off and manage to get good grades for some reason. Till this year, I have heard about Senioritis and I think people have to deal with it senior year. Why? Well I believe nobody can be focus for years without slacking or taking it easy at school. Everyone deserve a break, but if you take a long break, you will suffer from senioritis. Once you catch it, it is very hard to get rid of. When you get senioritis, it is very hard to get rid of it. I see myself getting this, but no, I have been staying focus for the fast few years except for my math classes. In my math class, I was somewhat focus, but toward the end, I got senioritis because I was lazy to do work. I was not able to get rid of it which lead to my misery in math. I was unable to finish strong and fail the class pretty bad. The way I got rid of senioritis was to have good habits. Having good habits will make you feel good about yourself and you won’t be stuck in a whole. Soon you will be doing it natural and those good habits will stuck with you till the end. Although Holmes’s tips are very effective, but my tip is way more

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