James Dashner's The Maze Runner

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If a group of people said they lived in a field surrounded by stone walls, no one would think that was out of the ordinary. If they said that outside those stone walls was a maze that had walls that moved every night and it was a prison, people would talk. This place that is called the glade is where the book The Maze Runner takes place. At this mysterious place a boy come once a moth at the same time each month and cannot remember anything about their past but their first name. These young teenagers are not only faced with the task of surviving, but also the challenge of escaping this horrible place. James Dashner did he did a great job writing this book and perfecting it to the point that there is not one bad sentence. This book is truly amazing and every one should read it. In Austell, Georgia in 1972, James Dashner was born (“James Dashner.”James Dashner. , James Dashner Biography). He says he wrote his first stories on a typewriter his family owned (James Dashner Biography). A lot of inspiration he gets for his books come from movies he has watched. For example , he got inspiration for The Maze Runner while watching Enders Game (James Dashner Biography). He makes a living off of writing but says he also enjoys snow skiing (“James Dashner. “James Dashner.).…show more content…
When Thomas is going up the lift into the Glade, he has a memory. The only problem was, that was that he only had one. "My name is Thomas, he thought. That ... that was the only thing he could remember about his life."(Dashner 1). This shows mystery because he can't remember his family, friends, or anything else about his past. Also when Thomas is asking questions about where he is mystery is displayed too. "It was all too much— where was he? What was this place? Was it some kind of prison? If so, why had he been sent here, and for how long?" (Dashner 10). Mystery is shown in this book and it makes it very interesting and

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