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If you look up the word home on the internet, the main things that you see come up are houses or apartments. Usually when people think of the word home, they think of that general definition. Although this is a definition of home, I believe there is more to that definition. A home is not just a place or location where you live. It is where you have family and friends that always have your back and make you feel like you need to stay. When you are on your own and you feel like you cannot make it, your family or a friend is always there that welcomes you into their home. You can be miserable and be forced to live in the worst situation ever, but you can still shake it off when you’re around family. A home can be where ever you want whenever you…show more content…
You always have a home with family, even if you have no concrete home to live in. In book called Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki and James D. Houston, Jeanne was a young girl when her family and she were force to leave there home and go to the internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. Japanese Americans used some government protection as an excuse to move into these camps because America was afraid of Japanese spies after Pearl Harbor.(?) Jeanne said in Farewell to Manzanar, “Moving, under what appeared to be a government protection, to an area less directly threatened by the war seemed not such a bad idea at all.” (Houston pg.17) Being forced to this camp, Jeanne and her family had nothing left, but hard times ahead of them and themselves. Jeanne and her family had it rough in the internment camp. There are times throughout the book when you wonder if the family will stay together. Jeanne seems to be angry at her father at times. When in a situation that they Jeanne’s family put through that whole time(?), it makes you wonder how Jeanne’s last form of home did not crumble. Being a mother or father, you only live once to have that experience. Trial and error, and learning are a good parent is part of being a family and having this since of home. You have to have hope even if you feel like you have no home or family. Jeanne’s Papa had a difficult time keeping hope in the story, but near the end when he heard he was leaving the camp soon it says, “Papa swung left, and we clattered out onto the wide, empty boulevard that ran the length of the camp, back to where our own baggage waited and the final packing”(Houston). As long you have hope, family will always be around for you. (reword

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