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The Mongol army was very effective because the Mongol warriors were well disciplined and had very good training. To be a Mongol man was to be a Mongol warrior. There is no word in the Mongol language for soldier, and the life of a Mongol warrior was preparation for war. The same techniques used for survival, hunting and herding had direct application in the battlefield. At an early age, a Mongolian warrior would train with horses hunting and herding them. When the warrior turned fifteen years old, they would go into the army. The Mongol army constantly practised horsemanship, unit tactics, formations, archery and rotations. This training was upheld by a hard, but not cruel, discipline. The Mongols avoided the consequences of rigid discipline and micromanagement, which has…show more content…
The Mongols had an array of weapons that had never been seen in Europe. The Mongols greatest and most useful weapon was the horse. The horses were equipped with stirrups, which gave the Mongols solid grounding on their feet while riding and they could twist and turn as well fire their bows and arrows. At the heart of the Mongol army was the archer. Whether mounted or on foot, he wielded a bow with terrifying power. The Mongolian composite bow was small and lightweight. It is made from ibex horn and birch wood. When the bow was strung, it was stressed against the natural curve, creating massive tension, and allowing the archer to send an arrow much further and faster than any European bow. The armour of the Mongol warriors was a mix of materials and layers of boiled and hardened leather. Steels would cover the chest and other parts of the body like boots and arms for extra strength. The mix of light and heavy armour gave the Mongols the flexibility needed to use their bows and also protect them from various attacks. The Mongol armour and weaponry were far superior to any other army during that

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