Examples Of Conflict In The Lottery

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“The Lottery’s conflicts” Of the three types of conflict man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs self in the story Of the three types of conflict man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs self in the story “The Lottery”. The two conflicts that are mostly and greatly portrayed are man vs man and man vs self. With man vs man being easier to detect right on the surface of the story based on the concept of lottery and the ending where Mrs. Hutchinson is pelted to death with many small rocks by her family and community. Where the man vs self conflict might be harder to see as it is on a deeper level with the emotional conflict most of the characters must feel within the story as i would hope the people themselves may see the lottery as a horrible thing as some people such as Mr. Adams claims that other villages such as the northern village have had thoughts of giving up the lottery in general.…show more content…
One such being the very aspect of the word lottery normally people would be competing in some way or drawing against each other in a lottery in hopes of winning the lottery, so that they may receive a great prize. However in this rendition of the lottery “winning” the lottery is actually a very bad thing to happen to you. One of a family’s older males is forced to draw little slips of papers which were originally chips of wood from a small black box. The slip of paper with the big black spot on it shows who “won” the lottery. The winner’s entire family is then forced to pick slips of paper from the black box, even the little ones. The winner of that mini lottery will then be pelted by his/her community and family with small little rocks picked up by all the little kids of every family. This is probably the greatest portrayal of man vs man as people are pitted against each other and turned on by their own
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