Argumentative Essay On Antisemitism

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According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “After liberation, many Jewish survivors feared to return to their former homes, because of antisemitism that still persisted in parts of Europe and the trauma they had suffered.” Antisemitism was the act of hatred of and toward the Jews. Even after the defeat of the Nazis antisemitism did not end. Holocaust survivors feared this hatred so many decided not to return home. Those who survived fleed the country didn’t have much fear but those still living in Germany we persucted. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Many Jewish survivors were able to build new lives in their adopted countries, but many non-Jewish victims of Nazi policies continued to be persecuted in Germany.” This means fleeing the country helped get away from the persuction. So not only were Jews persuctied but also non Jewish people, that may have had disabilites or were too old, etc. It didn’t matter who a person was, becuase the persuction still continued unless they left the country of Germany. It was difficult for survivors to find safety after…show more content…
Has extensively studied the ways Holocaust familes have rebuilt functional lves after trauamntc pasts. Some victimizw themsleves, others take on defensive mindsets, while others numb themselves to feel protected. Ultimately, however, everyone has the power to give meaning to his or her experiences. According to, “Although the Holocaust ended nearly 70 years ago, the effets of this trauamtic and devasting tragedy still linger and reveerbreate withing the Jewish community today.” This means the fear of trauama still continues with holocaust survivors. Even though they have tried to rebuild their lifes the trauama has affected the generations that have come after the liberation of Holocaust survivors. Today the Jewish community is forever changed with the fear of trauama they faced. Not only did they face trauama but also

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