Is Sir Gawain A Hero

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What if the world of heroes would only consist of veterans and soldiers? What would happen to the great heroes who fought with courage against all odds without any violence? For instance, heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many more. Imagine, living in a world, where these archetypes of heroes would not be considered figures of vast admiration. Who will influence the next generation of heroes, the next Abraham Lincoln or perhaps the next Gautama Buddha? Furthermore, the hero plays an essential role in history and society. This role consist of being a paragon to society and future generations for the purpose of duplicating more heroes across history. As a result, one could see heroes as guides or educators of right or wrong. This means they have a potential to shape people’s moral values and character. The term heroism is distorted, throughout…show more content…
One could describe the hero of the 13th century as one who bears the qualities of: generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety as described in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The book does not provide any evidence or mentions anything about Gawain’s previous military experience or service Furthermore, there is evidence that supports the fact that Sir Gawain was a hero and did have experience in fighting. One could see such event when he departed from Camelot in search of the Green Chapel, and while traveling his course of destination. For instance, he encountered many adventures and wonders such as “death-struggles” with dragons, wolves, boars, bears and even foes (Gawain lines 716-723). This proves my point that even though the book does not specify or redacts any detail related to Gawain’s war accolades he is still a hero who perhaps does not have such experience yet gains them throughout this
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