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Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes, whether it is an every day superhero or someone that is looked up to. Everyone has a different definition of a true hero. An ancient literature hero is Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain fights to protect his family from death for selfless reasons. He puts himself in danger because he knows what he has to do for the people that love him. A modern fiction hero comes from the book No Easy Day. The heroes, Mark Owen and the rest of Seal Team 6, put their lives in danger each and everyday to keep the American people safe. The jobs they do are terrifying, but they know what has to be done to protect the American people. Ancient heroes and modern heroes share similar characteristics because they serve for the greater good.…show more content…
A hero is someone who does things without thinking of themselves. A hero is someone who is willing to put themselves in danger for the good of other people. They do these things not expecting a reward. A hero does it just because it is the right thing to do. In ancient contexts, a hero had to be able to fight and not be a coward. If a knight was challenged, he had to fight. If a knight had to save someone, he would save someone. Another characteristic looked for in ancient context was respect. A modern society hero is someone who steps up in a time of need for a community, a friend, or a country. A modern society hero may not be recognized in every day life. He is recognized after the act of true heroism. Ancient and modern definitions have changed because modern society heroism is sometimes based on what people see on television and true heroism is

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