Comparing Guernica And Liberty Leading The People

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“Guernica” and “Liberty Leading the People” are two very different oil paintings illustrated in very different circumstances. “Guernica,” painted by Pablo Picasso, depicts the devastation caused at the bombing of Guernica by German troops in 1937. “Liberty Leading the People,” painted by Eugene Delacroix, depicts the French Revolution, more specifically the Revolution of 1830. Despite these stark differences, the paintings hold striking similarities. Both “Guernica” and “Liberty Leading the People” convey the destruction caused by war, and the political controversy that it can hold. Furthermore, both artists employed the use of symbols: Picasso the symbol of the bull to represent calm and peace, Delacroix the symbol of the lady to represent liberty. One of the most notable similarities between the two paintings is the theme. Both “Guernica” and “Liberty Leading the People” depict the…show more content…
It is known that Pablo Picasso himself was a Spaniard, and that Guernica is located in Spain. This is important when analyzing the picture because it can be noted that on the left side is a bull. Amidst all of the chaos, this bull is representative of a sort of calm and order. Other figures in the piece can be seen trampling (such as the horse) or appearing as if they are in agony. The bull contrasts this in its stature and even expression. Likewise, the symbol of Lady Liberty in Eugene Delacroix’s painting greatly contrasts the scene going on around her. Her symbolism in this painting is incredibly important, because she is representative of the power that the people have together against the government, and the liberty that they deserve. So while the two piece portray destruction and death, the symbols of the bull and Lady Liberty contrast that in a way that adds to the meaning of the painting as a

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