Iron In The Great Empires Essay

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During the time of great empires such as the Hittites, the Assyrians, and the Neo-Babylonians, there were many different aspects that made these empires stand out from the rest and become dominant. The key components were architecture, geography, art, and technology. In these empires specifically, the vital aspects that lead to their success were the use of iron in the Hittites military, the Assyrians Lion reliefs as well as their ideal geographic location, and the Neo-Babylonians' Ishtar Gate. First, the iron used in the Hittites military led to the better-engineered chariot and a more dominate army (Vierlinck). The use of iron was also a huge turning point in which gave the Hittites a substantial leg up on their enemies. In comparison to the Assyrians and the Neo-Babylonians technology they were not even close. The reason the Hittites were so strong wasn’t just…show more content…
Yet this is still a close architectural match between Assyria, and Neo-Babylon for the Ishtar Gate and Ashurbanipal’s gigantic libraries. However in including all the best aspects of each of them the Ishtar Gate wins (Vierlinck). The reason for the Ishtar Gate winning is because it includes aspects of both beautiful architecture and art. In all seriousness, this actually ends up being a substantial victory for the Neo-Babylonians Ishtar Gate because the pure beauty of the gate and the fact some parts of it were made of solid gold! But the magnificent Ishtar Gate wasn’t their only architectural feat. They also had the Ziggurat of Marduk, which is also thought to be the Tower of Babble from Genesis 11: 1-9. The story of this great tower was that the people of Babylon wanted to build a tower to heaven, but were stopped when God stopped them by making everyone speak a different language. This is a legend that has and may be debated time after time, and for years and years to

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