Misunderstood Life Of A College Athlete Essay

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The Misunderstood Life of a College Athlete By Gavin McClellan In life we seem to find ourselves having a hobby or activity that divides you into a clan. By being in this clan, you may be judged by just being in the clan. Even though they do not know you, they already judge you. Another case in being in a clan, you might have expectations higher than others. That’s how college athletes are treated and people don’t try to recognize the problem because they believe they are special. The expectations are too high with all the responsibility of the athlete. Clans are always being misunderstood, mostly because people don’t know what it’s like from their point of view. I believe that judging a clan while standing on the outside is unfair to most. There are clans that go through struggle every day and…show more content…
Most student don’t have a job and have to work in the offseason to be able to eat well and stay healthy throughout the season. Some colleges will give the essentials such as food, drinks, and medicine to be healthy for the season. I believe that student athletes as a clan are looked at like something very special and should have the opportunity to get a small salary or allowance from the athletic department so they can have spending money that they won’t have a chance to earn. Overall, I believe a clan that you are very unfamiliar with can be misinterpreted by look and personal fame. Athletes are someone people look up to so they don’t think they have to do all the other stuff average students do. Student athletes are a very misunderstood clan and I hope they will get more headline and praise for what they accomplish in the class room and on the court/field. They are expected of too much responsibility to live a normal everyday life. I believe that students should receive somewhat of a small reward for their battle that they go through every single

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