Flashbacks In Forrest Gump

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The highly renowned six Academy Awards winning classic drama, Forrest Gump, would leave any first time viewer with no possible way of knowing what they were about to watch in this historically eventful and eye opening film. With a plot mainly focused on the unveiling of a characters qualities and all the life events of an extraordinary man with a minor intellectual disability performed by none other than Tom Hanks. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, using a narrative style of film to try and achieve a stronger emotional connection between the audience and Forrest Gump himself. Opening the movie with the simple beauty of a white floating feather, Forrest Gump begins narrating his life from a small white bus stop bench by telling stories to numerous…show more content…
There are some similar moments that Forest experiences on the bus that displayed the social norm of people who are looked down on for having disabilities. His first experience with this is his first time riding the bus to school. Every child he approaches is rude to him and would not let him sit down. You then hear a sweet soft voice proclaim “You can sit here if you want,” by his soon to be lifetime love, Jenny. Later during the film, he experiences a similar incident on a bus to on his way to the military when he first meets his best friend, Bubba. You also see similar patterns in all of his encounters in Jenny throughout the film. Most of them have been predetermined by Jenny, usually brief, and always ending with Jenny leaving Forrest behind all alone. Nonetheless, Forrest is still always grateful for the moments he gets to share with Jenny, making his joy feel complete even if its only for a small…show more content…
The settings play one of the most important roles in displaying Forrest’s character. Whether Forrest is at his home with his mother, in Vietnam during the war, on a boat working his shrimping business, in a strip club on new years eve with Lieutenant Dan, or on a bus for the first time, his character is fairly constant. Forrest’s attire is always very professional looking and neatly pressed and clean. Hair always cut nicely and is cleanly shaven. There are three incidents where we see him break this trend and are extenuating circumstances: in Vietnam while at war, on the shrimp boat struggling for success along with survival, and while running across the

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